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POA receives $50K grant

News Staff Report

The Pride of Atmore was recently awarded a $50,000 grant from The Daniel Family Foundation in Birmingham.
POA Executive Director Foster Kizer included the following information in the request:
“The Pride of Atmore is seeking a challenge grant from The Daniel Foundation to be matched 1:1 by (newly raised) public and private funds. Serving as a leadership gift, the Foundation’s support will be leveraged to underwrite capital work on Atmore’s Strand Theater.
“The Strand Theater, established in 1921, is an iconic Atmore landmark that has anchored the community for nearly a century. The linchpin of an ongoing revitalization project, the Strand, a former Vaudeville film house, was acquired by the Pride of Atmore following its closure in 2013. Restoring the Strand is crucial to rural Atmore’s placemaking initiative that is reimagining and reinventing its downtown district.
“The hardware store adjacent to the Strand has been acquired (mortgage free) and will be renovated along with other properties. These sites will include gallery, youth engagement, retail, arts education, music recording, artist residency, and performance spaces to serve our diverse residents.
“The Foundation’s catalytic investment will be used to upgrade, renovate, and repair the Strand’s façade, mechanical systems, lobby, ceilings, concession area, theater seating, projection room, and acoustics. In addition, restroom facilities will be expanded and made ADA-compliant.
“Once renovated and restored, the Strand will host live music events, film showings (independent, second run, and classics), and community gatherings. It will also be available for short-term rentals for, by way of example, birthday parties, weddings, and corporate events. Program income from these activities will ensure the Strand’s sustainability.”
Kizer said this grant comes as Pride of Atmore is about to kick off a major capital campaign to raise funds.
“We would be happy to accept any donations,” Kizer said. “Contributions are tax deductible as we are a non-profit organization.”
Donations may be sent to:
The Pride of Atmore
5415 Highway 21
Atmore, Alabama 36502