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New MLK event – Flying high over the city

Pilot Brandon Evans and his wife

News Staff Report

In addition to a prayer breakfast, a parade, and an after-parade program, this year’s Martin Luther King Day had yet another event – a new one for Atmore.
Brandon Evans, accompanied by his wife, offered free plane rides from Atmore Municipal Airport.
When the parade and program ended at Houston Avery Park, kids who wanted to fly were given a ride to the airport to board Evans’ plane.
Evans, a native of Montgomery, has been a pilot for eight years with his own private plane.
Before takeoff at the airport, Evans addressed the youth at Houston Avery Park. “Just as Martin Luther King had a dream, I too dreamed of being a pilot,” he said. “If you have a dream, stick to the plan. Your plan A is your plan A, B and C. Never give up! Becoming a pilot has completely changed my life.”
Evans said he loves to expose young people to aviation so they will know that anything is possible – for anybody.
During the plane rides, pilot Evans flew about 50 people over the city of Atmore. “The smiles on the kids’ faces were priceless and that’s what it’s all about,” said Altovise McNeil.
Brandon Evans is a colleague of Carlos McNeil, a native of Atmore. McNeil had a strong desire to expose the kids of the community to something exciting and memorable. With the help of family and friends, the event turned out to be a success.
“A special thanks to the Atmore Municipal Airport and staff for welcoming this idea with open arms,” McNeil said.

If you’d like to see footage of the parade and plane rides, go to YouTube and search Atmore
MLK parade 2019.