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Auto break-ins reported

Police also investigating shots fired into apartments

News Staff Writer

Atmore police continued this week their investigation into a rash of automobile break-ins, most of which took place on the city’s fringes, that were reported over the weekend and into this week.
According to a press release from Police Chief Chuck Brooks, the first batch of break-ins occurred in the predawn hours of January 20 along Old Bratt Road, Godwin Road and Hodgen Drive.
Police reports show that items including guns and cash were stolen from many of the cars, while others were broken into but nothing taken.
“Home owners in those areas reported that at some time during the early morning hours, a suspect or suspects entered several vehicles and stole items from inside the cars,” Brooks said. “There were also reports of cars being entered but no items stolen from them.”
Another spate of vehicle burglaries occurred Tuesday (January 22), near Nokomis but in Atmore’s police jurisdiction.
“Atmore police were called to several locations around Deere Creek Road and James Road concerning car break-ins,” Brooks reported.
The police chief urged residents of Atmore and the jurisdiction to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods.
“I will remind everyone to secure your valuables by removing them from your car,” he said. “Also, please lock your vehicles.”
Shots fired
Brooks also reported that patrol officers were sent to The Pines Apartments on Jack Springs Road in response to reports that shots were fired at several units in the complex.
There were no injuries, he pointed out, and no arrest had been made by midday Tuesday.
“Officers discovered on arrival that three apartments had been shot into,” Brooks said. “All three apartments were occupied at the time of the shooting. Investigators were called to the scene to process the area for evidence.”
Reports show that APD detectives discovered several shell casings of an unspecified caliber.
Anyone with information that could help local police solve this crime or the auto break-ins is urged to call 368-9141 and share the information.