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Northview wins over LCA

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In their first official seasonal win, the Northview Chiefs earned a morale booster with a 46 to 20 victory over private school Lighthouse Christian Academy of Pensacola.
In spite of many players sidelined for injuries, the Chiefs pulled off a win, and their victory set the tone for Monday morning’s school spirit.
“It was great,” said sophomore Keyshawn Breedlove who also plays cornerback. “We needed this victory, and we got it. Hopefully we are going to keep it going.”
Quarterback Seth Killam led the Chiefs on the first drive when he faked a hand-off and ran it through instead. His extra point was no good, but the score was up: Chiefs 6, Lighthouse 0.
The Chiefs’ defense kept the Stingrays in check and would not give up the endzone. They were left with no choice but to punt, and this set the Chiefs up for another successful run. Northview’s Jaheem Durant, tailback, ran for 70 yards after a Seth Killam hand-off. He was stopped on the 1-yard line, but junior Aunterio Minor, wingback, ran to the outside for another score. Extra point was good, thanks to Killam. Score: Chiefs 13, Stingrays 0.
Right before half-time and at 0 seconds on the clock, the Chiefs were on the Stingrays’ 3-yard line. Seth Killam found Aunterio Minor for a quick pass. Minor scored. Extra point was good, so Chiefs went into half with a 20 to 0 lead.
After Northview’s band kept the Chiefs crowd spirit-filled, there was more action to come. Third quarter saw the Chiefs use some planned skill with an onside kick. The Chiefs recovered their own kick, allowing Seth Killam again to hand off to Aunterio Minor, who ultimately ran it through for another 6 points. Extra point was good. Score: 27 to 0, Chiefs.
Stingrays finally seemed to be in a position to score; however, Jaheem Durant’s powerful hit to the quarterback caused a fumble, and the Chiefs pounced on the opportunity to gain the ball. Darionte Richardson, tight end for the Chiefs, was open for a Seth Killam pass, and another 6 points for the Chiefs. Chiefs opted to try for 2 here, but it was unsuccessful. Score: 33 to 0, Chiefs.
The third quarter finally smiled on the Stingrays when their offense was able to find the endzone by quarterback passes. This happened three times in the third quarter. They missed one extra point. Score: Chiefs 33 and Stingrays 20.
Fourth quarter saw some new action when wingback junior Trent Kite ran the ball in after Killam handed it off. Extra point was good. Score is up another 7 points. Chiefs: 40 and Stingrays 20.
The final touchdown went to senior Alex McMinn on a pass play. As a wide receiver he caught a Dalton Burke pass and ran it through. Final score for the night: Chiefs 46 and Stingrays 20.
“It is always sweet to start off your season with a win,” Breedlove said. “Offensively, our guys showed out, and defensively we had some standouts as well. Jaheem Durant and Darionte Richardson had quarterback sacks off and on all night. It was a great night.”
The Chiefs hope to continue their momentum this Friday night against the Flomaton Hurricanes at the Chiefs stadium. See you there!