Perdido E/M students enjoy educational day at Poarch

Making necklaces, Mary Blake Drinkard, Elin Paul and Isabella Glenn

Special to Atmore News

Students in second grade through eighth grade from Perdido Elementary/Middle School enjoyed their day at Poarch Friday, April 6, learning about the culture of our Native Americans. One of the favorite events was listening to a Cherokee “storyteller” from Oklahoma, who shared the legend of the five friends who ultimately formed the Big Dipper and our Pine Trees. The lesson of the story was a reminder of how everyone needs to help each other.

Historians from across the United States came to share their expertise of how the different Native tribes lived generations ago. They demonstrated the various tools used for farming, hunting, cleaning animal skins and creating amazing jewelry out of shells, beads or animal bone. The important lesson that the children learned was that no part of an animal was wasted. Everyone was amazed at how every part of the animal was used for something. Students also had the opportunity to create a necklace with beads and a medallion to take home.

Most of Perdido’s students joined in the final dance before leaving to go back to school. There were many positive comments from everyone who attended, including parents and teachers.

“It is absolutely amazing how well everything was organized, from moving ice chests to the picnic area and retuning them to the buses and the guides who escorted groups from one area to the next,” one of the attendees said.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to learn firsthand, about the culture of not only the Poarch Creek Indians, but additional tribes as well.