From parts to finished product – MT team sees ‘their’ jet up close

MT personnel at the airport, from left, kneeling, Jack Clemmons, Rhonda Peebles, Terri Williams, Sherry Bowens, Ashley Strickland, Kim Mosley; standing,
Sandy Clemmons, Wes Woodruff (President/CEO), Brad Courdt (Director of Manufacturing), Billy Lane, Anthony Hall, Chris Kimbrel, Laura Jaet, Tabitha Hetrick, Ashley Hooks, Felisha Turberville, James Simpkins, Marie Milstead, Lynesha Hixon, Lisa Hudson, Ken Cooper (Purchasing Manager), Kristie Jordan, Kim Clarke.

It was a special day at the Atmore Airport, Wednesday, April 4. On hand were over 30 representatives from Muskogee Technology, Poarch Creek Tribal Council and Creek Indian Enterprises’ Board of Directors to greet the 2017 Honda Jet as it made its approach.

Julian MacQueen, CEO of Innisfree Hotels, brought a 2017 Honda Jet to Atmore to give the Muskogee Technology Composites Team an opportunity to see the plane. This was a unique experience for the MT team since the Composites Team cuts and kits the composite materials used to make this specific jets’ fuselage.

MacQueen gave the entire team a chance to tour the jet. For many, this was the first time they had ever seen the finished product, much less witnessed it in flight.

Many were afforded the opportunity to fly in the jet, and for some, this was their very first time flying.

“Today was truly an amazing day. This Honda Jet is what my job is all about. I love my job and getting the chance to see the finished product of what I do is awesome, but then I got the once in a lifetime opportunity to fly in this Honda Jet, and I was fortunate enough to sit up front,” Composites Team member Tabitha Hetrick said.

MacQueen said, “What was so much fun for me is that out of the 18 people I took up, there were eight who had never flown in an airplane before! We had a great time, and everyone was so happy to have this experience together. My wife and I recently flew this plane around the world. You can follow our journey at After 69 hours in the sky, we can personally attest to this aircraft’s reliability. It has forever changed small jet aviation.”

“The work performed in the Composites Department at MT is critical,” Muskogee Technology President/CEO Westly L. Woodruff said. “Our team is aware that their job performance translates to the safety of the Honda Jet passengers and the public. The opportunity to see this aircraft in person drives home the importance of the work that they do each day. It also allows them to visually appreciate their efforts, as the jet is a beautiful aircraft. We greatly appreciate Mr. MacQueen bringing the jet to Atmore for our team to see.”

News photo by Ditto Gorme