Community Events

ECCPC presenting truth about marijuana

The Escambia County Children’s Policy Council is sponsoring and presenting an educational presentation entitled “The Truth About Marijuana” at Flomaton High School Auditorium. The program will begin at 6 p.m. on April 26, at the auditorium and last about an hour.

The guest speaker will be Mr. Anthony Pollard, a dynamic and informative speaker.

The objective of the presentation is to educate and inform students, parents and the general public about dangers of this illegal drug.

“Nationally, marijuana is losing the stigma of being socially damaging. Recreational use has been legalized in several states and there are movements in many other states for legalization,” Jeff White, District Judge and Chairman of the Children’s Policy Council, said. “ Our intent is to present some of the facts relating to addiction, physiological effects on the adolescent body, and its damaging effects on our community.”

Judge White invites all to attend this important event.

The Drugs Erase Dreams Program was established through the leadership of Circuit Judge Dave Jordan when he served as the Chairman of the Children’s Policy Council. Judge Jordan, along with retired Circuit Judge Bradley Byrne, Ruth Harrell, Denise Carlee and others, envisioned an educational program to address the problem of substance abuse among our young people. The program flourished and has been ongoing for several years.

Recently, The Escambia County Children’s Policy Council expanded the Drugs Erase Dreams program to include a five-hour course of instruction to further address the issue of substance abuse among youth. This course, presented by Ms. Mollie Pizzotti, has been presented to over a hundred students across the county and is scheduled to be presented to hundreds more.

“The cooperation of our school systems has been incredible. Mr. John Knott, Dr. Kenneth Varner and their respective staffs have been extremely receptive and accommodating. I am sincerely thankful for their assistance in allowing us to come to their schools and present our program,” White said.

In addition to the Drugs Erase Dreams program, the Children’s Policy Council has established peer groups in the local public high schools. The groups consist of a “peer leader” and “peer helpers.” The peer leader is a teacher or counselor. Students serve as peer helpers and pledge to refrain from alcohol and drugs and to educate their fellow students about the dangers of substance abuse.

“We are waging a war on substance abuse to save our children, our community, our state and our nation. We are the army in this war. Every army needs an arsenal. The programs of the Children’s Policy Council are our arsenal,” White said.