Allen addresses AHS meeting

Special to Atmore News

The Atmore Historical Society held its quarterly meeting Tuesday, March 13, in the Atmore YMCA library room.

AHS hosted guest speaker Mr. Bob Allen of the Mobile Historical Society.

Mr. Allen is a native of Mobile, and is an Auburn and Alabama graduate. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Historic Mobile Preservation Society, chairman of Assets Committee of Historic Mobile Preservation Society, and member of the Mobile Architectural Review Board.

Mr. Allen has been a member since 1970 and was the first male president of the Mobile Historical Society.

During our AHS meeting, Mr. Allen talked about the history in which the Society was formed, what prompted the formation and why. The Mobile Historical Society was formed in 1936 for the protection and preservation of the older homes in Mobile.

Mr. Allen also spoke about the history of Mobile, the founding members of the Society and how Historic Oakleigh came to be furnished. The Historic Oakleigh House Museum is run by the Historic Mobile Preservation Society.

Brandy Turk is secretary of the Atmore Historical Society.