‘They followed her to school one day’

Pictured feeding Cupid and Prancer are kindergarten students: Ana Leah Hayes, Trenton Hadley, Ana Reese Bryant, Jaley Brinkman, Ethan Harville, and Vivyenne Duff.

Special to Atmore News

Perdido kindergarten student Finley Jones had some special guests follow her to school this week – two baby pygmy goats. The children in Mrs. Brooke Drinkard’s class quickly fell in love with the babies, as they took turns bottle feeding them.

The twin goats belong to the Baldwin County High School agriculture department, and were born a couple days before Christmas. Unfortunately, their mom did not feed them so they are being bottle fed by Finley and her parents, who are both teachers in Baldwin County.

Andy Jones is one of BCHS’s teachers in the Agriculture Department, and his wife, Jill Jones, teaches fifth grade science and math at Perdido School. In addition to goats, the high school agriculture program has cows and a sheep. Since Christmas, Mr. Jones takes the baby pygmy goats to school with him every day and the students take care of them. Their names are Cupid and Prancer.

Finley with the two baby pygmy goats