‘In all things … ‘

By Nina Keenam

How wonderful it was earlier this week to rush inside a warm house after running an errand. Bits of snow had still lingered in shady spots along my drive. On the way home, I stopped to grab a take-out lunch and encountered ice on the pavement at the store entrance. I believe God was watching over me as I carefully made my way on the icy pavement. I was thankful.

I thought of a young couple who were about to go shopping and discovered the husband’s billfold was lost. He experienced all the frustrations that occur at such a time. His imagination soared. Cash was lost. He imagined that the finder was on a wild shopping spree with it and his credit cards that very minute. He had to report the missing cards, but when would he have time? When could he find time from work to apply for his replacement driver’s license?

All the anticipation of the couple’s shopping trip was lost. Then something wonderful happened. He found his billfold wedged in the luggage rack of their car. “We danced and hugged each other on the street,” he said. He had driven a long way, sometimes at 55 miles per hour, but the billfold held fast. He felt that God gave them a miracle. They were thankful.

My husband used to thank God every time he entered a supermarket. He was amazed at all the choices we have. It reminded me of some of things that I need to thank God for, like clean sheets and a comfortable bed. For heating and cooling and the electricity to run those conveniences, along with so many other things I take for granted.

Remember the courageous Corrie ten Boom who survived a long, hard imprisonment during World War II? She and her sister were sent to a flea-infested prison barracks, where her sister insisted they give thanks for those horrid fleas. Corrie was reluctant, but her sister persuaded her. Strangely, the guards mostly left the two sisters alone, although they talked, prayed and even had Bible study. They learned later that the guards did not bother them because of fleas. They were mindful of the scripture to rejoice in all things. And they did, even thanking God for those fleas.

Makes us think, doesn’t it? Do we ever pray for the people who work hard to furnish us with electricity to run our heating and cooling equipment?

And what about friendship and the love of family? Do we forget how much “Thank you” and “I love you” mean to others?

Each time I enter church, I am reminded that we have the freedom to worship at the churches of our choice. We know that there are many places all over
the world where worshippers endanger their lives in doing so. We are blessed beyond measure. Let us, like the ten Boom sisters, rejoice in all things, even
when we experience problems and hardships, and remember to give thanks to God.