American Legion Junior Auxiliary on a mission

Ellie Wooten, front, and Breanna McGowan at Ronald McDonald House

Special to Atmore News

On December 22, American Legion Post 90 Junior Auxiliary made their annual trip to Ronald McDonald House and U.S.A. Women and Children’s Hospital to deliver what this group had collected as their community service projects.

This group collects drink tabs which Ronald McDonald House uses to assist in funding for relatives to stay at McDonald House while children are confined to the hospital nearby. These girls have collected dimes to help U.S.A. provide care to infants and children. There is a larger donation drive yearly called the “Children’s Miracle Network.”

On this trip, we had a very small group. Our youngest member, three-and-a-half-year-old Ellie Wooten, was present. Also, our President of the Junior Auxiliary Breanna McGowan was on the trip. Ellie’s mother and Ellie’s brother, Rylan, accompanied us. Many of our girls were out of town for Christmas holidays. Some were sick and not encouraged to be there for this reason. They were shown a video rather than a tour. A therapy dog named “Jet” was brought in to meet the children. He was an instant hit with the children.

Membership in the Junior Auxiliary is the same as the requirement for the Senior Auxiliary. Eligibility is based on the child’s relationship to an eligible veteran.

Eligibility of the service member is based on the discharge DD214. If the qualifying veteran is living, he/she must be a member of the American Legion. If deceased, eligibility is verified by the DD214. Relationship to member depends upon whether the service was male or female – mother or father, grandmother or grandfather, great-grandmother or great-grandfather, brother or sister.

Junior Auxiliary members may be enrolled at birth and consistently renewed until they become senior members at the age of 19. Junior Auxiliary members are in training. They are taught the functions of the senior ladies members on a smaller scale. They elect officers and conduct meetings according outlines provided.

They are taught to honor God in their organization. Volunteerism is an important function of the Auxiliary. Service above self is the theme. They are taught to honor the sacrifice of those serving to enhance the lives of our veterans, military, and their families. For God and Country, to educate our young girls, mentor them, promote patriotism, teach good citizenship, peace and security.

For more information, contact Mary Stanley, Auxiliary President, 251-359-0199.

This information may be expanded upon by other members of the American Legion Auxiliary. The American Legion has a message line, 446-1406. Please leave a message.