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Carjacked at the car wash

Atmore police have made no arrest yet but have their eyes on an individual they feel might be involved in a carjacking that took place last week in broad daylight at an automated car wash on the city’s busiest street.

“The case is still under investigation, but we have identified a person of interest,” said Police Chief Chuck Brooks of the October 30 incident.

According to police reports, a local female and male — reportedly a woman and her adult son — were forced at gunpoint to drive to a location just a few blocks from the car wash, where they were robbed of all their valuables and let go.

“The report was made around 9:17 a.m.,” said Brooks. “The female and male had pulled into Snappy Car Wash [on North Main Street] when two male subjects, one of them brandishing a firearm, got into their car and forced them to drive to a residence on Mobile Street.”

The police chief said the armed carjackers forced the man to go inside the residence, where he was made to undress, while the woman was held inside the vehicle.

The victim’s clothes and his person were given a thorough search, but nothing of value was discovered.

“They didn’t get anything from him, so they went back out to the car and stole a backpack and a wallet,” said Brooks, who noted that neither of the victims was injured. “They then fled around the house, on foot, and the victims were able to call police.”

Under Section 13A-5-6 of Alabama Code, carjacking is classified as third-degree robbery, which is a Class C felony that upon conviction could result in a prison sentence of not less than 10 years.

Such a charge is justified if the suspect “threatens the imminent use of force against the person of the owner or any person present with intent to compel acquiescence to the taking of or escaping with the property.”

Brooks urged that anyone who might have information related to the October 30 carjacking call 368-9141 and speak to an investigator.