NHS Chiefs fall to Jay Royals

News Sports Writer

With each week’s defeat, it is getting harder and harder to come up with reasons why the Northview Chiefs are ending up short of winning. What do you say when only a few years ago, the Chiefs reigned as the Florida State 1A Champions? What has and is happening to a program that prided itself on skills and domination, so much so that other schools dreaded when it was their Friday night to face the one and only Chiefs? There is no easy answer, and my grannie used to say that, “Never does a bird fly so high that it doesn’t have to land.”

In essence, sometimes winners may fall, but falling to a school who has not beat them in 10 years is surreal. This is exactly what happened Friday night against the Jay Royals. With both teams coming in with only one win, the teams were well-matched, but only Jay prevailed with a 48-18 win over the Chiefs.

Things started off promising, when the Chiefs were the first ones on the scoreboard. junior quarterback Seth Killam found sophomore Aunterio Minor, and Minor plowed through the line. The extra point was no good, but the Chiefs were in the lead by 6, but their lead stopped there. Before the first quarter even ended, the Royals tied with 6 points of their own and then another 24 during the second quarter.

Sophomore Trent Peebles stretched through the line with a quick 6 points right before the half. Score was 30-12, Royals. After the half, the Royals kept on scoring, but the Chiefs did add another touchdown thanks to senior Tim Bush.

Head Coach Derek Marshman again added that there were missed tackles and other errors all night, including no successful extra point attempts.

Former Northview players were in the stands Friday night, and from my earshot the advice was brutal.

“Ballgames are won in off-season. If you wait until now to do it, it’s too late,” several of the former State Champions said as they were all reliving their Glory Days.

It’s never too late to turn things around, Chiefs!

Preparation is key as the Chiefs head into what may be another brutal week against 5A Pensacola Catholic. They have won only 1 game also, but they are much larger and many of their players do not have to play both offense and defense. Homecoming festivities will kick off this week with the colorful hallway decorations, including teepees and flags. The community pep rally will be held around noon on Friday, the game and pre-game activities will follow that evening.

Support the Chiefs! See you there.