Mayoral proclamation issued in honor of families

Note: The following proclamation, in recognition of Family Day and Family Week in Alabama, was issued but not read during the September 11 Atmore City Council meeting.


WHEREAS, children are our future and society’s greatest asset, and committed families shape and guide children by preparing them for obstacles and encouraging them to overcome life’s demanding challenges; and

WHEREAS, the cornerstone of an orderly society is the family, but Alabama’s families have grown progressively weaker and children are living in a world where TVs, cell phones, and electronic devices have replaced playgrounds and conversation; and

WHEREAS, children who spend significant time with both parents show lower risks of suicide, dropout, teen pregnancy, incarceration, and drug abuse; however, the importance of children having two parents is diminishing in society as approximately 40,000 Alabama children a year experience court ordered visitation with one parent for only two to six days a month; and

WHEREAS, the widespread availability of illegal drugs from outside the state, increased local manufacture of illegal narcotics, and the growing problem of prescription drug abuse, are all contributing factors to the increased drug concerns for Alabamians, especially teenagers; and

WHEREAS, children of concerned and active parents are far less likely to exhibit risky and unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, drinking, or using illegal drugs because of the valuable time spent with parents and the positive examples set by parents, and social scientists agree that shared parenting should be the norm for children of all ages; and

WHEREAS, simple daily activities like sharing a meal, a conversation, or a book can have an enormous impact on the life of a child. Strong and engaged families help build a strong Alabama, and it is our responsibility as concerned family members to help create a solid foundation for the future health and happiness of all of Alabama’s children; and

WHEREAS, Family Day in Alabama has grown to promote the importance of family interaction and connecting with kids throughout the day/week, and to stress that children need both parents, and during Family Day/Week we honor the devotion of parents and recognize their critical role in teaching children positive and healthy behaviors; and

WHEREAS, we encourage all Alabamians to visit for information on talking with children about the perils of drug use, and we call on community and state leaders to support shared parenting because of its benefits for children.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Jim Staff, Mayor of the City of Atmore, do hereby proclaim September 25, 2017 as FAMILY DAY and the week of September 24 through September 30, 2017 as FAMILY WEEK and in the city of Atmore and encourage our citizens to join together in observing this week/day by spending time with their families and by engaging in appropriate ceremonies and activities to honor and strengthen both our city’s and state’s families.