Perdido ES fifth graders to perform ‘Photosynthesis Play’

Members of the fifth grade class are Hope Bates, Rayle Boyington, Sidra Brown, Landon Brown, Alex Cooper, Haley Cooper, Josey Dean, Payge Gibson, Jonathan Hadley, Dessie James, Laci Joiner, Kyleigh Macks, Ethan Parker, Xander Payne, Lizzie Presley, Drew Presley, Brookley Pritchett, Chante Rayborn, Taylor Robertson, Madyson Rolin, James Slay, Brandon Smith, Braylin Stidham. Blaize Thomas, Brooklyn Vinson, Payton Wasdin and Braxton White

Special to Atmore News

Fifth graders in Mrs. Jill Jones science class are currently learning all about photosynthesis. Instead of just reading about the process in their science books, the students were all actively engaged in creating “props” for “Photosynthesis Play.” Some of the characters they will be are sun/sunlight, water (H2O), sugar, carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O2), wind, rain and chloroplasts in the leaf of the plant. Students will memorize their lines, and wear clothing that will complement their props for their performance.

While this method of reinforcing scientific knowledge may seem unusual, research proves that involvement in the arts leads to higher student achievement, becoming more proficient in reading, writing and math.

One of the most obvious benefits of performing arts is the development of skills in self-presentation.

Performing arts also help teach children both self-reliance and collaboration with others to reach a goal. Best of all, these students say they love performing a play, and in this case, it helps them learn, and reinforce all the facts about photosynthesis.

Creating props are Taylor Robertson and Kyleigh Macks