Doolittle on medical track

Brooke Doolittle

Some opportunities are a once in a life time event, but for Northview High School junior Brooke Doolittle, who recently transferred from Escambia County High School, The National Congress of Future Physicians will be an ongoing summer event as a high school student.

Brooke was nominated as both a freshman and sophomore while attending Escambia County High School. She accepted the nominated and raised close to $5,000 to attend a three-day conference in Lowell, Massachusetts with her mother, Melissa Daniel (a teacher at Escambia County Middle School).

Brooke was mentored by some of the greatest minds in medical science. She had a mentoring session with the Dr. David Roberts, Dean of External Medicine for Harvard Medical School. She was able to listen to and be mentored by Dr. Rick Scara, Ebola survivor, who spoke on Global Health and Doctors in Service. Brooke was able to watch a live simulcast of a hernia operation and was able to ask questions to the surgeon performing the operation. She heard doctors of both human and animal science explain how the lines between both have been blurred to the point that many practices start with veterinary medicine and move on to human medicine.

Brooke never imagined when heading to learn more about her possible future goals that a “Three Foot Giant” in a wheelchair would inspire her most, and stir the desire of studying medicine to the point that Brooke has signed up to be a part of the first Future Docs Now, Veterinary Abroad Program.

She will also return her senior year to be an ambassador for the National Congress of Future Physicians. The future Dr. Doolittle is looking to attend medical school at Auburn University where she will decide whether to treat animals or humans.