Questions not being asked

Emergency Chaplain

As this is being written [Wednesday, August 30], thousands upon thousands of victims of Hurricane Harvey are being rescued or are waiting to be rescued.

As these souls wait for someone, anyone, to come to their aide, a thousand thoughts must be swirling within their minds. Will they get here in time? Will they even be able to get to me? What about my children, relatives, and friends? How will I get my medications? What will become of my home? When will it all end… when will it just end?

As these hostages of Harvey find themselves seeking a high and dry place to wait, whether it be an upper story of their home, or even the roof, I’m sure there some questions that they are NOT asking themselves.

Will my rescuers be black or white? Did they vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Are they conservative or liberal? What church did they attend last week? Are they for or against the Second Amendment?

You see, none of these things matter when your life hangs in the balance of a perfect stranger who has risked his or her life to save yours – the First Responders and the civilian volunteers who have taken it upon themselves to put you first.

In reality, the only real question will not be, “Does my rescuer lean left or right?” but, “Can my rescuer lean far enough forward, with outstretched arms, to save me from this horror?”

America, let’s start to focus on what Jesus taught us, what really matters, LOVE THY NEIGHBOR.