PES first graders love reading and math

First graders enjoy relaxing on the rug while their teacher, Mrs. Scarborough, reads to them after lunch.

Special to Atmore News

First graders at Perdido Elementary School are off to an exciting and challenging start to the school year.  One of their favorite times of the day is after lunch when they have story time with their teacher. No David by author David Shannon, is a series of books about a little boy who experiences many of the same things first graders do. The stories are humorously told so the children learn about such things as school rules from “David.”

The students in Ms. Nicole Stabler’s class pretended they were seated around a campfire (video of campfire on smartboard) while she shared the story.

Learning to count and write their numbers as well as increasing vocabulary, students in Mrs. Amy Hill’s class practiced counting such things as birds’ beaks and elephants’ trunks.

Brenden White from Mrs. Hill’s class