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First day of school and an eclipse! Big day for Perdido Elementary/Middle School

Pictured with Principal Phillip Stewart are fifth-graders Haze Conway, Emma Claire Simpson, Andi McKissack and Macey McKinley.

Special to Atmore News

WOW! What an amazing first day of school for students at Perdido Elementary / Middle School Monday, August 21.

Not only was it the first day back for students, but they could view (third through eighth grades) the solar eclipse. Throughout the day teachers had lessons and activities that related to the phenomenon – a first for the students. Even the faculty and staff got in on the viewing. While students waited to go out in groups, they watched the online streaming from NASA.

Showing how first-graders work are Laci Sanderson, Harper Hicks, Laynee Hadley, Brenden White, Jase Hadley and Parker Lassiter.