School year wraps up at ECMS

Principal Debbie Bolden with Breanna McGowan

Escambia County Middle School wrapped up the year with the eighth-grade Honors Day program on the last day of school Thursday, May 25.

While numerous awards were presented, two of the top awards went to one student – Breanna McGowan. She received the Leadership Award and the Highest GPA Award.

The end of school was bitter-sweet for Principal Debbie Bolden who is finishing her first year at the school.

Following are her remarks at the end of the program:

Parents – You and your child survived Middle School! Congratulations! Thank you for your continued support throughout the year. You have been fantastic!

I want to encourage you to please stay involved with your child these next four years. The most accurate predictor of a student’s success in school is the extent to which you / the parents / grandparents/ and relatives encourage learning and stress the importance of getting an education.

Students, congratulations! You have been a wonderful group of students and are true leaders. We are so proud of you and all you have accomplished this year.

Over the summer dedicate yourself to making next year even better than this year.

I’m not telling you the next four years are going to be easy. I am telling you it’s going to be worth it!

In closing this morning I want to leave you with a few excerpts from Fearless Soul. The title is What Is Life About …

Life is not about proving anyone wrong

Life is about proving yourself right

Life is not about competing against others

But life is about competing against yourself

To make sure you are better than your previous self

Better than you were yesterday

Life is not about being perfect

It is not about being happy

Not all the time

But every time you can

Life isn’t about being right. It’s about being kind.

When you have a choice to be right or to be kind, choose kindness.

Life is not about you.

It’s about everyone and everything. 

We are all connected and all sharing challenges and struggles.

Life isn’t about comparing yourself to others

Let everyone be exactly as they are while you focus on being the best you.

Your life is not defined by circumstances

Your life is not defined by what does or does not happen to you

Your life is defined by how you react to what happens to you.

What’s really important is Who you become through all of life’s challenges.

Don’t ever forget that.

You are a miracle. This world is a blessing. Life is a miracle. Life is really what you make of it

My wish for you is to be happy, no matter what happens and life will be the amazing adventure it was meant to be.