Reader Leaders at Perdido School

Third through sixth grades, from left, front, Dakota McKinley (1st place 6th grade), Hayden Thompson (1st place 5th grade), Dessie James (1st place 4th grade), Hayden Drew (1st place 3rd grade); back, Josie Williams (2nd place 6th grade), Caitland Davis (3rd place 6th grade), Leah Pimperl (2nd place 5th grade), Stacie Wilson (3rd place 5th grade), Taylor Robertson (2nd place 4th grade), Sidra Brown (3rd place 4th grade), Zoe Brandt (2nd place 3rd grade), Kindle James (3rd place 3rd grade)

Eighteen students in first through sixth grade were recognized at Perdido School’s Elementary Awards Day program. These students were the top Accelerated Reader (AR) point earners for their respective grade levels, while maintaining a minimum 85 percent overall comprehension rate on all quizzes taken throughout the school year.

First and second grades, from left, front, Cody Gardner
(1st place 2nd grade), Dean Snow (2nd place 2nd grade), Clayton Paul (1st place 1st grade); back, MacKenzie Hadley (3rd place 2nd grade), Mary Blake Drinkard (2nd place 1st grade), Addison Hadley (3rd place 1st grade)