Perdido MS takes top honors

Taking top honors, from left, front, Natalee Presley and Brooke Tyree; back, Taylor Tyree, Lindsey Stewart, Ayden Scarborough and Raven Ryland

Perdido Middle School students in Ms. Gerri McDonald’s Gifted Enrichment class recently took all the first place honors in multiple economics competitions for the state. The Alabama Council on Economic Education offers students a wide variety of ways to demonstrate their talents and understanding of many areas of economics.

For the Color the Concepts (which is sponsored by State Farm), students designed a poster of any of the economic concepts listed in the Alabama Course of Study. Those who placed in the Top Ten in the state won $25 and their art work will be on the next year’s Econ posters.  Eighth-grader Taylor Tyree was recognized for her art work depicting Entrepreneurship.

The purpose of the “Whit King – America and the Free Enterprise System,” both the essay and the video, is to promote the understanding of the American free enterprise system in a global, national, or local context and to support economics standards in the Alabama Course of Study as students apply these standards to their daily lives. The winners in each of these competitions will receive $50.  Placing first in the state for her essay was seventh-grader Raven Ryland.  Students Natalee Presley, Taylor Tyree and Ayden Scarborough took first place with their video entitled “How to Start a Successful Business.”

A new opportunity for middle school students was added this year: “Rockonomix.” Rockonomix started as a national video competition for college students based out of the University of West Georgia. Beginning in 2017, the Alabama Council on Economic Education sponsored a similar competition for Alabama high school economics students. An exception was made and middle school students were allowed to compete as well. The Rockonomix educational experience utilizes project-based learning to motivate student engagement by using popular media to reinforce basic economic principles. The idea is simple – students are asked to pick a popular song, write new economics-themed lyrics and produce a new music video parody. Eighth-graders Lindsey Stewart and Brooke Tyree took first place honors, and will also receive $50 for their video entitled “Save Your Money.”

In the promotion of economic understanding, financial literacy and entrepreneurship, ACEE serves as a resource for schools and teacher training throughout Alabama as well as an advocate for economic education and financial literacy. Through the development of partnerships among all educational institutions and systems, professional organizations of teachers and school administrators, ACEE has the purpose of promoting greater understanding of the principles, practices and values of America’s free enterprise heritage and economic system through teacher education.