Leadership Atmore class graduates

Leadership Atmore graduates, from left, front, Kristie Williams, Stephanie Bell, Mallorie Beachy, Hannah Johnson, Megan White, Hope Lassiter, Stan Schrock; back, Andrew Garner, Carolyn White, Emmie Jernigan, Doug Tanner, Paul Chason, Cody Vickrey. Not pictured are Philip Chance, Wendy Davis, Silas Seamans, and Daniel White.

The 2017 Leadership Atmore class graduated Monday evening, May 15. Members celebrated new friendships and a new appreciation for the town they call home – some for a long time, some for only a short time.

Program director Cindy Lee began the program with a welcome and the invocation, praying that these graduates had found their place in the community.

Each member was given the opportunity to comment on their experience during the program. Recurring themes were new friendships, teamwork, increased knowledge about Atmore, and favorite sessions (history and education were the top two).

Class President Hannah Johnson talked about the projects the class has completed and the fund-raisers that will enable the class to contribute $1,000 to the upkeep of Watson Cabin, place a bench at Heritage Park, leave $600 for next year’s Leadership class, and contribute $4,000 to the Atmore Community Fund.

“I’m very proud of our class,” Johnson said.

Other class members commented as well.

Cody Vickrey – “I want to thank everybody who put the program on. I made friendships with people I never would have talked to before. I hope these are lasting friendships.”

Doug Tanner – This was the second community leadership program he has been through, both when he moved into a new town to take a new job. “I walked away with two good things. I met people I might not otherwise have met. This introduced me to this community that my family and I now call home. It was eye-opening. It has been a great year. I walked away with friends I’ll have forever.”

Mallorie Beachy said she thoroughly enjoyed Leadership, especially the education session when the class visited A.C. Moore Elementary and learned about The Leader in Me program. She said Principal John Brantley and the staff were teaching little kids to be leaders.