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GECA presenting radio drama

The Foley team at work, from left, front, Gretchen McPherson, Linda Williams; back, Skylar Hursh and Pam Dees.

The Greater Escambia Council for the Arts (GECA) is presenting a radio drama Friday and Saturday, May 12 and 13, 7 p.m., each night. These are actually two shows – a Philip Marlowe detective show called Red Wind and one from Inner Sanctum Mysteries called The Voice on the Wire.

Cast members for Red Wind are Douglas Coburn, Sharon Poulsen, Wanetta McGinty, Gretchen McPherson, Todd Smith, Zack Smith, Dietrich Bondurant, Tom Jeter, Sandy Helton, Phil Johnson. Cast members for The Voice on the Wire are Tom McGinty, Sharon Poulsen, Esmé Culleton, Dietrich Bondurant, Nathaniel Carnley, Tom Jeter, Isabel Allen, Phil Johnson.

There will be a 15-minute intermission between the two featured shows.

If you’ve never seen a Foley team (sound effects) in action, you’ll enjoy that as well as the dramas. Members of the Foley team are Skylar Hursh, Isabel Allen, Pam Dees, Gretchen McPherson and Linda Williams.

The shows are just before Mother’s Day, so buy your mom a ticket and take her to an old-fashion radio show. Tickets, $10 each, will be available at the door.