Atmore Area Hall of Fame

William America family, from left, Alton Williams, Cynthia Williams, Larry Forney (presenter), James America, Lesa America, Shirley America, William America Jr., Sherryl America.

The Atmore Area Hall of Fame honored the late William America, Earl Etheridge, Dr. W.T. Hall, former Mayor Howard Shell and the late Edmund Staff at the induction ceremony Saturday, April 29.

Earl Etheridge family, from left, Lynn Etheridge, Bill Etheridge, Collin Etheridge,  Earl “Cannonball” Etheridge, Rebecca Etheridge, Becky Etheridge, Nancy Martin, Lee Etheridge and Mason Etheridge.
Dr. W.T. Hall family, from left, Chanda Davis, Dr. Hall, Dora Jackson
Howard Shell family, from left, Tristen Moore, Nannette Shell, Howard Shell, Linda Tolliver, Frances Shell, Cary Shell.
Edmund Staff family, from left, Chipper Staff, Jim Staff, Bill Staff, Susan Staff Calvert, and Catherine Staff Tims.