Remembering SGT Elmer Jack Taylor

Special to Atmore News
We are remembering SGT Elmer Jack Taylor, U.S. Army, from Atmore, killed March 30, 1966, 51 years ago.

You have served Christ well, young man.

You were only 26 years old and served “C” 1st./28th 1st Infantry Division as a combat infantryman in a war ravaged little country called Vietnam.

You served your country holding your head higher than we do today. Only there 1 month and 7 long days, during an awful and trying time in your life. You didn’t whine, you didn’t whimper. You cried and you prayed. You did your duty, you followed orders, you stood tall just like we all did during that time in our life when we were all scared to death beyond imagination in Vietnam. You sure didn’t run when you were called by our country for your service.

Rest in peace, SGT Elmer Taylor, at the Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church Cemetery, Eliska, Alabama. Your name is on THE VIETNAM MEMORIAL WALL in Arlington Va. P18E L109.