Reflecting on our natural world

To the editor:

April is the month of resurrection and hope: spring, Passover, Easter, Earth Day … new life.

Being the naturalist that I am, I will elaborate on Earth Day. If there was ever a time to reflect on our natural world, it is now: species extinctions are rampant – elephant, giraffe, tiger, lion, wolves, whales – and the great barrier reef in Australia, are all in danger of extinction. These mammals are our brothers and sisters, with a DNA of over 90 percent equal to us Homo sapiens. Most of us instinctively recognize the beauty and grandeur of these animals, biologically and aesthetically.

The republican led senate just passed a resolution that allows hunting of wolves and grizzly bears in Alaska. The hunting methods are grotesquely cruel: babies poisoned in their dens, use of steel traps, and aerial hunting of wolves.

We can expect more cruel and inhumane treatment of wildlife from the Trump administration as he guts the EPA and micro-manages the Fish and Wildlife Management Department. Literally he will “drain the swamp” starting with what is left with the Everglades.

But there is hoped as we enter this month. Hopefully all species will be “resurrected.”

Robert W. Mays