Atmore gearing up for Alabama Bicentennial

Committee members, from left, seated, Sheryl Vickery, Mallorie Beachy, Gloria Jones, Chris Singleton; standing, Hope Lassitter, Bub Gideons, Chairwoman Jennifer Sanders, Chris Walker, Nancy Karrick. Not pictured is Sherry Digmon.

Looking ahead to the state’s bicentennial (ALABAMA 200), a group met Thursday, March 30, to talk about Atmore’s involvement in the three-year celebration.

Alabama will officially turn 200 on December 14, 2019, and the state is dedicating three years to special events, projects and initiatives.

The three years are designated as follows:

2017 Exploring Our Places

2018 Honoring Our People

2019 Sharing Our Stories

The local committee’s first project is identifying locations in and around Atmore that will be spotlighted in the first year.

The statewide launch will be held Friday evening, May 5, in Mobile. Atmore’s kick-off will be the next day at Mayfest.

If you would like to be part of the Community Celebration Committee, you’re welcome to attend the next meeting (watch Atmore News for meeting dates, times, locations) or email Jennifer Sanders at

Visit or social media to learn more about the bicentennial and Alabama history.

ALABAMA 200 Mission
The mission of ALABAMA 200 is to support, create, and execute events and activities that commemorate the stories of our people, place, and path to statehood.

Between 2017 and 2019, ALABAMA 200 will engage residents and visitors in educational programs, community activities, and statewide initiatives that teach, inspire, and entertain.

ALABAMA 200 Vision
ALABAMA 200 is an unprecedented opportunity to experience and explore the state of Alabama. It is a chance to celebrate our place in each of the 67 counties that stretch from the Shoals to the shores. It is a moment to remember the people who made our state and to nurture the generations who will carry us forward. It is an opportunity to chart a vibrant, prosperous future for the state with history as our guide.

The Atmore City Council approved the following resolution February 27, 2017, making Atmore’s involvement in ALABAMA200 official:

WHEREAS, the United States Congress created the Alabama Territory from the eastern half of the Mississippi Territory on March 3, 1817; and, WHEREAS, by 1819, the birth and growth of cities, towns, and communities in the Alabama Territory ensured that the population of the Territory had developed sufficiently to achieve the minimum number of inhabitants required by Congress to qualify for Statehood; and,

WHEREAS, the United States Congress and President James Monroe approved Statehood for the Alabama Territory on December 14, 1819 making it the nation’s twenty-second state; and,

WHEREAS, the Alabama Legislature approved a resolution in 2013 establishing the Alabama Bicentennial Commission to mark the 200th anniversary of Statehood; and,

WHEREAS, constitutional officers and other officials appointed Commission members to organize and execute a bicentennial celebration intended to improve the education and understanding of all Alabamians and visitors regarding the State’s history and heritage; and to create and promote lasting initiatives designed to benefit the State and its citizens; and,

WHEREAS, the bicentennial period of reflection and commemoration, 2017 to 2019, has been divided into three thematic years to acknowledge distinctly: the environment, both natural and constructed, including especially the cities, towns, and communities which compose the State; the people, regardless of race, culture, or background; and the history, both ancient and recent, of the State of Alabama; and,

WHEREAS, commemorations and celebrations will enable and encourage Alabamians of all ages and backgrounds, together with visitors, to experience Alabama’s rich cultural, historic, and natural resources, thereby stimulating the economy of Alabama through local economic growth; and,

WHEREAS, full participation and contributory efforts by the localities of the State, through their various councils, committees, and congregations, are paramount to the success of this historic endeavor; and,

WHEREAS, participation in Alabama’s bicentennial is a unique opportunity to celebrate and uplift the State during this historic time;

NOW, THEREFORE, be it hereby proclaimed by City Council that by this action, they endorse the efforts of the Alabama Bicentennial Commission and hereby resolve to aid the Alabama Bicentennial Commission in promoting, planning, and executing the Commission’s historic, educational, celebratory, and cultural initiatives by forming or supporting a Community Celebration Committee to observe and commemorate the bicentennial of the State of Alabama.