YLA visits South Alabama

YLA students with the Jaguar at the Mitchell Center on USA’s campus, from left, front, ShaDiamond Harris, Katelyn Barron, Kaela Young, and Keyaira Wilson; back, Andrew Howell, Jackson Breckenridge, Pate Robinson, Austin Williams, Melissa Wilson, Lazarrian Boykin, Brandy Wooten, Gabby Henderson, Lauren Metzler, and Jasmina Stahly.

Special to Atmore News

On February 1, 2017, Youth Leadership Atmore travelled to Mobile to visit the University of South Alabama. We (Youth Leadership of Atmore) toured different buildings on the university’s campus such as Shelby Hall for engineering, the student center for Arts & Science, and the health science building for College of Nursing. Each one of these places showed us different varieties for each degree field and what the requirements would be needed for that specific field. Most of our tour guides were still attending South which was cool to get a student outlook of the campus.

Before our driving tour, we went to the student center and watched a presentation. We learned some brief history about the university. Did you know they have students that come from all 50 states and over 100 countries? Wow! Their campus environment is so great they have students who call South “home.” They make everyone feel welcome, and they have a lot to offer. South also has a lot of different organizations that offer leadership, community service, and fellowship opportunities to enhance your academic success. If you do not like any of their clubs, the Student Government Association will give you money to start your own.

Later we visited the Student Recreation Center which was voted to be the “coolest” part of our tour. They have an indoor track, weight room, basketball courts, indoor and outdoor pool, and numerous fitness class offerings. You can definitely say that South wants their students to be physically active and healthy.

We (Youth Leadership of Atmore) went to South with our lists of top three picks for which colleges we may want to attend. After our tour of this university, most of us rearranged our lists and put South at the top spot on our list or in the top two. We don’t have much longer before we will be in college. This tour definitely has us motivated to start thinking about which college to attend and which classes we are going to take. It is scary to think that college is just around the corner, but we know if we pick South, they will back us up all the way through graduation.

Thank you so much USA for the wonderful tour!