WCA donates $20K-plus to library, high school – Monroe County Public Library and J.U. Blacksher High School receive Christmas TITO funds

At the J.U. Blacksher presentation, from left, Patricia Luker, Alyssa Stites, Deann Cumbie, Danielle Turner, Tim Ramer, Kay English, Cossondra Howard

Christmas came early for Monroe County Public Library and J.U. Blacksher High School. On December 16, both organizations were presented with checks from Wind Creek Atmore’s Ticket In Ticket Out (TITO) program. Together, the donations totaled $23,712.82.

When presenting the checks, WCA Property Manager Tim Ramer said, “This comes from us and our guests. We are blessed to be able to do this for you.”
The TITO program allows guests to donate unwanted cash-out tickets to designated causes each month. The tickets are often worth a few cents, but it adds up quickly.

Monroe County Public Library received $12,373.28 from 30 days of donations. For a small town, the donation will make a big impact.

Anne Pridgen, chairman of the library board explained, “This is something that will enhance quality of life for everyone here in Monroe County.”

The current building has a rich history. It was formerly a hotel and famously housed Gregory Peck during the filming of To Kill a Mockingbird. Now the building needs repairs and the TITO donation will help with that.

For Mary Harris, the library’s interim librarian, the donation was nothing short of a miracle.

“There are so many things we can do with this …,” she said. “You’ve made our Christmas! You’ve made our year!”

J.U. Blacksher’s assistant principal, Danielle Turner agreed with Harris. “I never would have dreamed that penny donations would add up to this amount. It’s a Christmas miracle!”

The high school, located in Uriah, received a TITO donation of $11,339.54. Turner says the school already knows where it wants to invest the funds.

“Technology for sure. We need Smart Boards and Chromebooks for our students,” she said.

Many required tests like the ACT are now given online. It’s more important than ever for students to excel in using computers and technology. Since J.U.

Blacksher is a Title 1 school, most of the students do not have access to the technology they need at home.

“This will accomplish so much for us,” Turner said. “The only thing I can say is thank you so much and God bless you.”

At the Monroe County Public Library presentation, from left, Steve Stacey, Anne Pridgen, Tim Ramer, Mary Harris