Only American votes should count

Congressman Jerry Carl

One of the most fundamental rights and privileges of the United States is the right to vote. Our elections depend on fairness and lawful voting to reflect the will of the people. Recently, our election system has been seriously flawed, affecting how Americans are represented. The rise of immigration and lack of border security from the Biden Administration has resulted in record numbers of noncitizens and foreign nationals voting in local, state, and federal elections.
American elections cannot be fair if there is influence from other countries. Current federal law requires only registered Americans the right to vote, which excludes foreign nationals and illegal migrants from voting. However, now noncitizens are registering to vote without proof of identification.
It’s no secret every day our border is overwhelmed with thousands of illegal immigrants. One too many of these noncitizens have voted in federal elections, especially in states with high numbers of illegal migrants, like border states. The Biden Administration has failed every American in countless ways, and we are seeing the detrimental effects of ignoring and fueling the crisis at the border. Biden’s open border policies have allowed 7.2 million illegal immigrants with 350 people on the terrorist watch list come across our southern border. Since every state is now a border state, it is vital that every election across the country is protected from foreign influence.
Texas Republican Chip Roy introduced the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act to maintain free, fair, and American-only elections. This Republican-led legislation will amend the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, requiring all voters to provide proof of citizenship to register to vote in federal elections. This is a commonsense fix to a problem affecting every American for years to come which will protect the American right to vote.
This week the SAVE Act will be brought to the floor for a vote by Republicans to protect our elections. I am a proud supporter of this bill because I know only American votes should count in American elections. We must act now to stop our polls from being overwhelmed by non-American votes. House Republicans know how important election integrity is for our republic and a free society. When our elections are neither free nor fair, our nation is at risk.