Taking care of Alabama’s First Congressional District

Congressman Jerry Carl

Last week, I helped pass a bill that has a lot of wins for Alabama’s First Congressional District. I am excited this bill brings almost $30 million of your tax dollars back home rather than allowing it to go to liberal states like New York and California. Most importantly, this bill cuts more than $200 billion in wasteful government spending over the next 10 years. Additionally, we made sure this bill prohibits the Department of Justice (DOJ) from targeting churches based on religious beliefs or investigating parents who exercise their right to free speech at school board meetings.
With our national debt over $34 trillion and rising, Congress must continue making huge cuts to our runaway federal spending, while continuing to invest in our military and our veterans, our infrastructure, and our public health and safety. I’m proud to have worked on and voted for this bill which accomplishes these goals.
We have some real needs across our district, and I’m excited to play a role in addressing as many of them as possible. For example, I secured $750,000 for Brewton’s DW McMillan Hospital that is struggling with aging sewage pipes creating a hazard for employees and patients alike.
With increasing crime due to Biden’s border crisis, it’s so important we ensure our law enforcement have the best tools and equipment to keep us safe. That’s why I secured $726,000 for the City of Foley for new vehicles and equipment. I’ll always Back the Blue and do whatever I can to support them as they protect us.
As our region continues to grow, our infrastructure needs [to] grow with it, and we need strong federal investment to meet these needs. Whether it’s the ongoing expansions at the Port of Mobile driving our regional economy, critical workforce development needs, or increased traffic at our airports, I made sure to return millions of our tax dollars to invest in these projects.
Contrary to what some people in Washington may tell you, it is possible to cut wasteful government spending while also bringing our tax dollars back home for public safety, health care, and infrastructure projects. I’m proud that this bill does just that, and I will continue doing all I can to cut wasteful spending and bring your tax dollars back home.

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