Presidents’ Day

Congressman Jerry Carl

Presidents’ Day is a time in America when we remember and honor the leaders who helped shape our country. It’s a day to think about the values that make America great, like freedom and hard work. One important thing to remember is that the founding fathers believed in these values too. They wanted everyone to have the chance to live a good life, with liberty and the opportunity to pursue happiness.
One of the main reasons I ran for Congress is so that my children’s children can grow up and achieve the American dream. Our founding fathers put the Constitution in place with the same hopes. They wanted to create a government that protected people’s rights and kept the country safe and strong.
It’s time to shut down the Far-Left agenda that has led our country astray and destroys these core American values, and get our country back to the way it was founded to be. That’s where President Donald Trump comes in. In 2024, we have got to get him back in the White House to help steer our country back on track.
We have a real chance to get this country back in November, and my prayer for this country is that we wake up and realize the unacceptable incompetence of our country’s top leaders and express our right to vote in November and change that. We have got to get President Trump back in office to put an end to all this madness.
Presidents’ Day is a good reminder that we have a rich history and a bright future ahead of us. By reflecting on the conservative values of our founding fathers, we can strive to make America even better in the years to come. And with President Trump, we can work together to get our country back to those values that have made it great.