Demanding accountability for big tech censorship of the pro-life movement

Congressman Jerry Carl

Woke corporations have been getting away with silencing conservative voices and values for a long time, and I have had enough. Recently, Google Maps temporarily removed Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center from their map and instead suggested two different locations: A pro-life pregnancy center a state away, and a local Planned Parenthood Center in Washington, D.C.
Having the pregnancy center’s location removed from Google Maps is a threat to women’s and children’s health. It’s even worse to re-direct someone to the location of a clinic performing abortions. Google has been accused of numerous incidents of suppressing or censoring pro-life and conservative viewpoints and content in the past, and this is yet another example of Google pushing its own pro-abortion agenda and promoting the view of left-leaning organizations.
Although the clinic is now back on the map, I sent a letter to Mr. Pichai, the CEO of Google, to express my concerns as to why the listing was removed in the first place and if there are other similar situations that have not yet been brought to light. Pro-life clinics should be listed on Google Maps without being removed under any circumstance, as women’s health and protecting the lives of the unborn is incredibly important to millions of Americans.
I have always been 100 percent pro-life, and since day one in office, I have been a fighter for life. I have even been given the score of A+ by the Susan B. Anthony Foundation for my staunch pro-life values being reflected in my voting history.
I am a proud supporter of several pieces of pro-life legislation. These bills prohibit taxpayer dollars being used to fund abortions or fund Planned Parenthood, while promoting national awareness of adoption.
Whether it’s holding Big Tech accountable for censoring pro-life voices or ensuring taxpayer dollars are not used to fund the radical left’s pro-abortion agenda, I will always fight for life and do all I can to promote a culture in Washington that respects life the way we do in Alabama.