Kappas make season bright for shoppers

Kappas at Walmart, from left, Justin Tyson, Anthony Cox, Dr. Vinson Bradley, Harold Dailey, Dr. Ulysses McBride, Alfred Johnson, and Christopher Norman.

Special to Atmore News

On November 18, members of the Atmore (Ala.) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, chartered March 28, 1969, gathered at three local Walmarts for the second year in a row to surprise guests with free groceries. The fraternity members, commonly referred to as “Kappas,” wanted to not only make someone’s day but also ensure that their families had enough food to enjoy the upcoming holiday.
The Atmore Chapter’s service base spans from Atmore outward in all directions, including Brewton and Bay Minette. While members were excited to simply be out fellowshipping and serving their communities, members were completely surprised at the generosity extended by neighbors, such as Shane Hadley of Baldwin Gulf Coast Pest Control. He just happened to be in the store and contributed towards the efforts.
Members were also blessed by the stories of the recipients. Understand, no one is preselected prior to arriving at the store and families aren’t given any parameters. However, unprompted, recipients will begin to share their story. One recipient shared that her mom’s aorta had recently been repaired. Another recipient moved everyone to tears, as she began sharing that it’s been hard raising her boys alone and expressed her sincere gratitude.
Of course, there were also laughs. Especially, when one customer was spotted by Chapter President Dr. Vinson J. Bradley, checking items off her list. He jokingly grabbed the list, as if he was double-checking her. After ensuring the list was completed, the family was escorted to the front, where members greeted them and took care the entire grocery bill.
“It is important that our communities know that we are here as pillars of support, Dr. Bradley said. “We contribute a wide range of activities, programs, schools, and organizations. As men of achievement, we understand that there’s a great need and all of us must do our fair share.”
Participating in the Walmart event were Dr. Ulysses McBride, 26th National President; Dr. Vinson Bradley, Atmore Chapter President; Christopher Norman, Atmore Chapter Vice President; Justin Tyson, Atmore Chapter Treasurer; Anthony Cox, Harold Dailey, Alfred Johnson.
The Atmore Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi hosts activities and events throughout the year, to raise funds for various community outreach programs and scholarships awarded to high school seniors. The chapter will host its signature event “The Kappa Ball” on March 16, 2024, at the Bay Minette Civic Center. It is an evening of fine dining, amazing music, dancing, and fellowship.
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