Taste of the South draws hungry hundreds

Hundreds attend Taste of the South.
Best Commercial –David’s Catfish (Faircloth Grocery) From left, William Smith, Terrence Breckenridge, Sophia Morris, Elliot Faircloth, Julie Rowland, Nevaeh Colbert, Catherine James, Savannah Fullerton
Best Amateur – Waves Car Wash From left, Sheldon Schneider, Kimbree Schneider, Greg Schneider, Mason Schneider
Best Drink – Lions Club From left, Anne Hetzel, Sara Smith, Patty Helton, Gregg Akins
Best Dessert – Vin-tiques; Best Decorated Booth – Southern Elegance From left, Christine King, Scott Benton, Sandy Helton (Vin-Tiques) , Dana Vickrey (Southern Elegance), Bridgett Kelly. Not pictured is Nancy Martin.

News Publisher

Annah Hammond with the Atmore Chamber of Commerce doesn’t have an exact count of how many people attended Taste of the South Thursday, September 21 … but the crowd might have set an attendance record. Indeed, if the park had walls, the crowd would have been literally wall to wall.
Annah said judging from tickets collected in the amateur category, more than 800 people were on hand to taste some of 21 dishes in amateur, commercial and dessert categories. And then there was the award for the best decorated booth.
Several vendors were not prepared for the number of people and ran out of food early in the evening. One had prepared for only about 200 people. Another said they would triple their recipe for next year.
Winners were

  • Best Commercial – David’s Catfish. A Faircloth Grocery sign hung over the booth – brought back some memories for some folks.
  • Best Amateur – Waves Car Wash
  • Best Drink – Lions Club
  • Best Dessert – Vin-tiques
  • Best Decorated Booth – Southern Elegance
    (Vin-Tiques and Southern Elegance shared a booth.)