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Still at large

Armed theft suspect eludes lawmen


News Staff Writer

Atmore Police Department (APD) detectives are currently looking for a man — believed to reside in or near Walnut Hill, Fla. — who is clearly shown on closed circuit television footage as he stole several items from local residences last week.
Police are looking for Mario Mendez, age and address not provided, as the primary suspect in the burglaries, each of which occurred September 11 or 12.
Among the items stolen are several weapons, prompting police to warn that Mendez should be considered armed and dangerous.
APD Sgt. Darrell McMann said last week so many law enforcement agencies are looking for the suspect, who is also the subject of several outstanding arrest warrants, that he should soon be in custody.
“He’s wanted by every agency within 100 miles, it seems like, so it’s just a matter of time before he’s caught,” McMann said.
But the hunt for Mendez has now stretched into its second week, and he continues to elude lawmen and avoid capture.
“He’s still on the lam,” the police sergeant said. “Escambia County (Fla.), Bay Minette and (APD) have followed up on a few tips, but nothing has panned out yet.”
Police investigators urge anyone who might know where Mendez is or might be to notify local law enforcement and to avoid contact with him. Anyone with information is asked to call 251-368-9141.