EA falls to Banks Academy

News Sports Writer

The Escambia Academy Cougars traveled to Birmingham to face off against the Banks Academy Jets at Briarwood Christian School Friday, September 8. This marked EA’s second region game of the season.
Cougar captains Quinten Odom, Ty McCants, and Zeke McElhaney met at midfield with the Jets captains and referees for the coin toss before the game. The Cougars won, electing to receive the ball to start off the game.
A 33-yard pass from Keller Coston to Odom put the first points on the board 5 minutes into the first quarter. The kick by Grant Sasser was good, adding another point and bringing the score to 0-7.
The Cougars took it to the end zone once again after Luke Bell caught a 20-yard pass from Coston and ran it in for the touchdown. G. Sasser’s kick was good, extending the Cougars to a 14-point lead over the Jets.
The Jets soon responded with a 30-yard pass at the start of the second quarter; however, the extra point attempt was blocked. The score was 6-14.
Two minutes later, Odom ran a pick 6 for the Cougars; the kick was no good, leaving the score at 6-20.
The Jets made another touchdown a minute later with a 20-yard pass for a carry into the end zone. They made a successful 2-point conversion, putting the scoreboard at 14-20.
The Cougars made another touchdown after they pushed Coston in from the 2-yard line, but the failed 2-point conversion left the score at 14-26.
A 50-yard carry brought the Jets another touchdown; the good kick closed in on the Cougar lead with a score of 21-26.
The Jets recovered a Cougar fumble in the following kick; the next play resulted in a 40-yard pass and another touchdown for the Jets. They attempted a 2-point conversion, but it failed and left the Jets with the lead in the 27-26 score.
During the next set of plays, the ball was intercepted by the Jets; this led to a 10-yard carry into the end zone. The 2-point conversion was no good, leaving the score at 33-26 before the half.
Upon receiving the ball after the half, the Jets fumbled the ball for the Cougars to recover and run to the 15-yard line, leading to a pass from Coston to Bell for the touchdown. The kick was blocked, leaving the Cougars trailing at 33-32.
A 15-yard pass from Coston to Odom put the Cougars back in the lead, but the blocked kick left them with only a slim one at 33-38 for the time being.
The Jets soon came back with a 34-yard carry into the end zone. The 2-point attempt failed, giving the Jets the 1-point lead.
Three minutes into the fourth quarter, the Jets made another touchdown with a 20-yard carry. The kick was good, extending the Jets’ lead to 46-38.
The Jets scored once again 3 minutes later with a 10-yard carry into the end zone. The 2-point conversion was successful, bringing the score to 54-38
Yet another touchdown was made by the Jets with 5 minutes left in the game after a 37-yard carry, but the kick was blocked; this made the score 60-38.
This Friday, the Cougars will play away at Jackson Academy for a week of non-region football. The game will be streamed live on EA’s Facebook and YouTube pages, so be sure to tune in and see how the Cougars fare!