Faith and Values

Taking a stand for Jesus Christ

On South Main Street, Larry Bonds, with the cross, is joined by, from left, James Curran, Sherri Bonds, and Darlene DeFee.

News Publisher

While most folks were still sleeping Saturday morning, Larry Bonds was taking a cross off the back of his truck. At 7 a.m., he hoisted the cross beam on his shoulder and began walking.
He was joined by his wife, Sherri; his mom, Joanne Bonds; their pastor, the Rev. James Curran, Canoe Church; and family friend Darlene DeFee.
Bonds was on a mission. His goal was to walk from Atmore City Hall, south on Main Street, to Tom Byrne Park – with the cross on his shoulder. And he did that. And then he walked back to city hall. It was a little more than six miles.
“This is not about me,” Bonds said. “It’s about Jesus. It’s not about what church you go to. It’s about taking a stand for Jesus Christ who died for all of us … It takes one person standing up to make a movement. This is one way I knew I could do that. Like He did for us, we need to stand for Him … It’s time for Christians to stand up.”
Before the walk began, Bonds prayed aloud, thanking God for the day and the opportunity to do this.
Sherri Bonds, Curran, and DeFee joined Larry Bonds on the walk. Joanne Bonds drove to the park and waited. When Bonds started the walk, he was not sure he was walking back too but he made the decision to do so along the route.
Along the route, some folks blew their horns, some waved.