Sharing a vision

McClung addresses educators.

Special to Atmore News

Following is the welcome by Escambia County School Superintendent Michele McClung at the 2nd Annual Back-to-School Pep Rally Friday, August 4, Flomaton High School auditorium.

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, esteemed educators and school staff, and guests:
Good morning and welcome to our 2nd annual Back-to-School Pep Rally!
Today, we stand together as a unified force, ready to embark on another exciting journey of academic excellence. As the school superintendent, I am honored to address each one of you, our dedicated and talented school system employees, who play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our students.
This year’s pep rally perfectly encapsulates our shared vision for the upcoming academic year as we strive for continuous improvement and performance excellence in all that we do. Just as our students strive for growth and progress, so do we as educators and support staff as we embrace the spirit of lifelong learning and professional development.
In the pursuit of continuous improvement, we recognize that greatness is not a one-time achievement but a collective effort, a commitment to bettering ourselves and our practices each day. It’s about fostering a growth mindset that propels us to seek innovative ways to elevate our teaching, our support services, and our contributions to our students, families, schools and
As we gather here today, let us acknowledge the incredible progress we’ve made so far. Our test scores are up and school report card grades are rising. Our accomplishments stand as a testament to the collective dedication and passion that thrives within and throughout our school system. Rejecting the status quo, you all have embraced the challenges that lie ahead, as they provide us with opportunities to strive for even greater achievements this school year.
Performance excellence is not about aiming for perfection; it’s about setting ambitious goals, working collaboratively, and pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible. It’s about instilling a sense of determination and resilience in our students, showing them that with hard work and a growth mindset, they can achieve remarkable things.
I want to emphasize that Escambia County’s pursuit of excellence is not a solitary journey; it’s a collective endeavor. Each one of you plays a crucial role in the success of our school system, and together, we form a powerful force for positive change that will benefit our students, schools, and community.
Throughout this academic year, let us support and inspire one another. Let’s continue to share best practices, celebrate successes, and learn from our challenges and mistakes. By nurturing a culture of continuous improvement, we create an environment where creativity and innovation flourish, and our students thrive.
The pep rally today shows our excitement in kicking off a new school year. I pray we will all make a promise to ourselves, to our students, and to our community that we will commit to being the best versions of ourselves, embrace goal setting and growth, and create a place of excellence where every student can shine.
Thank you for your unwavering dedication to our school system and its mission.