Remodeled baseball complex will be a home run


Flomaton’s baseball players will no longer have to change into their uniforms in the parking lot. That’s because they’ll be getting an actual locker room next to the field.
Escambia County Schools Deputy of Operations Shaun Goolsby set out to do some serious remodeling on the baseball complex. The outfield wall needed repair, while some fences were falling apart. The bathrooms and concessions stands needed major updating as well. And it turned out the ballplayers didn’t have anything resembling a private room to get dressed.
Pylons for the centerfield fence have been installed and construction crews are busy working on the other renovations.
Goolsby said the updates were needed for a couple of reasons.
“Fences were falling down or rusty, so that was a safety concern,” he said. “But these baseball players don’t deserve to have to change in the parking lot.”
The project should be completed in a few weeks, so players will be able to get dressed in privacy and hit home runs over a brand new wall.

Brewton resident Randy Tatano is a veteran TV news reporter and network producer, and is currently a novelist and freelance writer for the Escambia County School System.