Food scores released

The following Escambia County food / lodging establishment ratings were released by the Alabama Department of Public Health for January and February. Ratings are ranked by score, low to high.
FSE = Food Service Establishment
Valero Truckstop, Brewton, 85, limited food
Lil’ Angels Development Center, Atmore, 88, daycare food service
Creek Travel Plaza – 24/7 Diner, Atmore, 88, FSE
Jack’s Family Restaurant, Atmore, 88, FSE
Hardee’s, Atmore, 90, FSE
Discount Beer and Tobacco, LLC, Atmore, 91, limited food
Tavern of Atmore, Atmore, 91, limited food
Quick Stop Food Mart, LLC, Atmore, 91, FSE
Dean’s Northside Grill, Atmore, 92, FSE
Acapulco Mexican Restaurant, Atmore, 92, FSE
Atmore Community Hospital, Atmore, 92, FSE
Shuga Beanz, Brewton, 92, limited food
Subway, Jack Springs Road, Atmore, 93, FSE
Nett’s Kitchen, Atmore, 93, FSE
Circle K, Forrest Avenue, East Brewton, 94, limited food
Davids Catfish House, Atmore, 94, FSE
Spudd’s, Atmore, 94, limited food
Hampton Inn Kitchen, Atmore, 94, limited food
Burger King, Atmore, 95, FSE
DISHA, LLC dba First Choice Grocery, Atmore, 95, FSE
Flomaton First Baptist Day Care Center, Flomaton, 95, daycare food service
The Publican, Atmore, 95, FSE
Flomaton SAIL (Senior) Center, Flomaton, 95, limited food
Sneaky Creek BBQ, Atmore, 95, mobile food commissary
South Alabama Vending, Atmore, 96, FSE
R & F Foods of Alabama, Inc., Atmore, 96, FSE
Subway, Sidney E. Manning Blvd., Flomaton, 96, FSE
Sneaky Creek BBQ Mobile Food Unit, Atmore, 96, mobile food service
Diamond Gasoline #21, Jack Springs Road, 97, Atmore, limited food
DISHA, LLC #2 dba Southland Motel, Atmore, 97, hotel / motel
Circle K #2721571, Hwy. 113, Brewton, 97, limited food
Baker’s Service Station, Atmore, 97, limited food
Anchor Café, Atmore, 97, FSE
Waffle House, Atmore, 97, FSE
Simply Donuts, East Brewton, 97, FSE
Express Mart, Flomaton, 97, limited food
Rosie’s Kitchen, Atmore, 97, FSE
Taqueria Ms . Flores, East Brewton, 97, FSE
Dixie Catfish, Atmore, 97, FSE
Greenlawn Motel, Atmore, 98 hotel / motel
Taco Bell, Atmore, 98, FSE
Small Miracles Daycare, Atmore, 98, daycare food service
Atmore Donuts, Atmore, 98, FSE
Squirrel’s BBQ, East Brewton, 98, FSE
Diamond Gasoline #6, E. Nashville Avenue, Atmore, 99, limited food
The Coffee House LLC, Atmore, 99, FSE
Holiday Inn Express, Atmore, 100, hotel / motel
Holiday Inn Express Kitchen, Atmore, 100, FSE
East Brewton SAIL (Senior) Center, East Brewton, 100, limited food
Rabo’s Sweets & Trading Post, Flomaton, 100, limited food
The Coffee House, Atmore, 100, FSE
Fresh Donuts, Brewton, 100, FSE
Michoacan a Pedir de boca, Brewton, 100, limited food