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Got a memory of the Strand?

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On February 25, the Strand Theater will officially reopen. The Pride of Atmore Board started the renovation process … well, a good while back.
It’s safe to say if you grew up in Atmore, you have memories of the Strand back in the day. Maybe you worked there. Maybe you met your future spouse there. Or as one friend of ours told us, she and her husband had their first date at the Strand – a blind date.
Atmore News is planning to publish a special section on Wednesday, February 22, to commemorate the theater’s opening. We’d like you to be part of this section.
Have a memory? Please share it with us to be included in this section. Email your memories to sherry@atmorenews.com. Or text them to my cell phone, 2512943111. Don’t worry about grammar, spelling, etc. We can take care of that.
Please do not call the office to tell us your memories.
A program will be held the morning of Saturday, February 25, at 9 a.m., followed by a ribbon cutting at 10. The grand opening includes the former Atmore Hardware Store next door to the Strand.
Performances – free of charge – will continue until 4 p.m., including Nashville recording artist Ricky Crook and his band, who are scheduled to perform at 1 o’clock on the Strand stage.
A ticketed event will be held that evening. There is no charge for evening tickets, but you must have a ticket.
Details on the day and evening events will be published next week.
In the meantime, please share your memories. We look forward to hearing from you.