Council approves action against nuisance properties

News Staff Writer

Atmore City Council members hustled through a single-item agenda Monday (October 24), spending less than 3 minutes in session, from opening prayer to closing gavel.
In the only public business conducted by the council during the 2-minute, 42-second meeting, the panel gave a unanimous green light to moving forward with making several eyesore properties more aesthetically palatable and less likely to attract pests.
The council action comes after the city’s intentions were advertised in local newspapers and letters were sent to the registered owners. City codes enforcement officers can now move forward by having city crews clean up properties that still have unmown grass and weeds and that have been declared public nuisances.
Codes Enforcement Officer Greg Vaughn said owners of several initially listed properties took it upon themselves to clean up their yards, and the original list has been pared to just 10 properties. City employees will begin clearing the grassy clutter from each of those in the near future.
Properties that remained on the most current list on Monday are: 301 Howard Street; 105 Wilson Avenue; 154 Bullard Street; 156 Bullard Street; 0 Hollis Street; 69 Martin Street; 210 Liberty Street; and three lots at 16 Liberty Street.