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Gulf Breeze Hospital earns Five-Star Ranking

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In an article in the August 17 edition of Atmore News (ACH ranks high, page 1A), a couple of errors were published that need to be corrected.
We cited Atmore Community Hospital administration as saying that ACH achieved a Four-Star Ranking from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) – and that ACH is the only hospital in lower Alabama and most of the Florida panhandle to earn a rating this high (italics added).
ACH Administrator Brad Lowery is quoted as saying the ACH ranking is higher than that of
“ … Gulf Breeze, Mobile Infirmary, Jay Hospital, North Baldwin Infirmary … ” Lowery probably meant to say Gulf Shores, not Gulf Breeze.
Gulf Breeze Hospital has a Five-Star Ranking. Also, Baptist Hospital in Pensacola has a Four-Star Ranking.
While these errors are unfortunate, they do not diminish the Four-Star Ranking ACH received.