Ellis receives state Chamber award

At the presentation, from left, Crystal Brown, Anna Ellis, Paige Hutto and Penelope Hines

Special to Atmore News

The Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama (CCAA) presented Atmore Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Anna Ellis the Chamber Champion Award that recognizes commendable performance and leadership of an emerging Alabama chamber professional.
The award was presented at the CCAA Executive Leadership Conference recently held in Tuscaloosa by 2022 CCAA Chair Crystal Brown with CCAA president and CEO Paige Hutto, and 2021 Chamber Champion Penelope Hines.
Her nominator stated of Ellis, “Anna is an amazing person with a big heart for the community. She always gives above and beyond to help those around her. Anna is committed to her community to help it succeed and thrive.”
Paige G. Hutto, president and CEO of CCAA, said Ellis is a true professional and one to be watched. “Anna’s nomination was not surprising. Since meeting Anna several years ago, I have been struck by her commitment to her community, her chamber, and our industry. I am thrilled to see young professionals such as Anna making a mark on our state.”
The award criteria focused on new chamber staff. It applies across all positions in a local chamber organization, not just the chief executive. The specific criteria recognizes a chamber professional who has been in the profession of chamber management less than three years.
Since its beginning in 1937 as the Alabama Association of Commercial Organizations, what is now known as the Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama has remained dedicated to advancing the goal that chambers of commerce are the premier local business advocate in the State of Alabama. In conjunction with the Business Council of Alabama, a non-partisan organization, the two groups through the BCA / CCAA Partnership, represent the interests and concerns of over 1 million working Alabamians every day.