Readers at Rachel Patterson

Some of the readers at Rachel Patterson, from left, Darrell McMann, Chris Corbitt, Adrian King, Shawn Lassiter, Daniel Love, Kyle Hostetler, Van Hughes.

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Dr. Seuss is celebrated every year with a Read Across America Day. This year, that day was Wednesday, March 2. In area elementary schools, a number of people from across the community were asked to come in and read a Dr. Seuss book to a class.
At Rachel Patterson Elementary, police officers, firefighters, business people, public office holders, Chamber of Commerce personnel, professionals, and other folks came by to read to the classes.
Readers at Rachel Patterson Elementary School were Harold Dailey, Ken Sessions, Chris Corbitt, Darrell McMann, Sherry Digmon, Van Hughes, Daniel Love, Kyle Hostetler, Shawn Lassiter, Anna Ellis, Annah Hammond, Gordon Brooks, Adrian King, Dee Guy,
Trent Peebles, Wallace Carter, Courtney Harrison, Pastor Bernard Bishop, Dr. Kevin Garrett, Brandy Giger, Sara Smith, Bob Turk, Jim Staff, Lori Stinson, and Loumeek White.