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Atmore man arrested at Fountain CF


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Alabama Department of Corrections officers arrested an Atmore man on three felony drug charges, including trafficking in methamphetamine, as he visited an inmate at Fountain Correctional Facility.
Escambia County Detention Center records show that Qwatrevies Ford, 25, was booked February 10 on drug trafficking, possession of an unspecified controlled substance and first-degree possession of marijuana charges.
Corrections department spokeswoman Kristi Simpson said a K9 officer alerted to Ford as the Atmore man after he came onto prison property.
“The ADOC can confirm that a free-world individual (Ford) was tracked and arrested by the ADOC’s Law Enforcement Services Division’s K-9 unit after entering state property near Fountain Correctional Facility,” said Simpson.
Simpson reported that Ford was found to be “in possession of illegal drugs / substances,” including methamphetamine, marijuana and another substance,. and added that “due to the nature of the ongoing investigation into Ford’s activities, we cannot provide additional information at this time.”
Ford remained in jail, without bond, February 22.