Local Bratt student shines in L.A.

Landon enjoyed getting slimed

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Landon Lee, a 9-year-old Bratt Elementary fourth-grade student, recently made his big debut on the Amazon Kids + TV series, “Surprise and Seek,” which is directed by INE Entertainment’s Mike Mihovilovich. In June of 2021, Landon was offered the opportunity to fly to Los Angeles in order to film for the pilot of the show.
During the show’s filming, Landon participated in slime-filled fun along with other children from around the nation.
“It was fun,” Landon said. “My favorite part was getting slimed.”
Landon’s mother, Karissa Knight, was able to accompany her son for the trip. According to Karissa, it was a neat experience for both her and her son. She added that Landon had to do multiple takes of different shots during the course of the day and that it was interesting to see the entire production come together. Karissa also said Landon was the only cast member who did not have any prior film experience.
According to Landon, the show which is themed like a hide and seek game, was fun to take part in, but there were, as with anything, downfalls.
“I didn’t like being inside the treasure chest too much,” he said. “I was in there for like 30 minutes and it was hot.”
On the bright side, Landon seemed to find a newfound interest and looks forward being involved in more shows and projects. Landon added that even though he was a little nervous about the whole situation, being paid and being on TV made the experience worth it.
“It was fun,” Landon said with a smile. “I like money, so that was a plus.”
To see Landon on the big screen and find out what treasure chest he disliked, tune into the limited series on the online streaming platform, Amazon Kids +.