Flavors shines at Huntingdon


News Sportswriter

Former Escambia Academy football standout Fred Flavors continues to shine on the gridiron for the Huntingdon Hawks. Recently, the 2018 EA graduate made Huntingdon history when he was named to the 2021 All-American team. Flavors was selected to the D3 All-American list as not only a special teams First Team Specialist, but was also named as a member of the Second Team Defense as a cornerback. The dual selection made Flavors the first player in Huntingdon College history ever to make the team on two separate selections and the first player to be named to the D3 All-American team since 2015.
“I am extremely proud and humbled,” Flavors said. “This is a huge accomplishment. Not a lot of people get the chance to do what I have been blessed to do. I am grateful and couldn’t be here without the family, friends and coaches who have pushed me and helped me.”
As Flavors discussed his honor, he made it a point to stress that his success on the college football field has not been easy. With the coronavirus looming over virtually every season, Flavors has also had to fight his way into earning playing time. Flavors stressed that the biggest obstacle was having to sit back and humbly wait for his chance to take the field.
“It was not easy,” Flavors explained. “These guys are all great players. When you step from a high school stadium into a college one, all these guys are great players. You have to earn and wait for your chance to play. When you do receive a chance to show what you can do, you have to keep earning your spot. Being patient and humble are the biggest pieces of advice that I can give to any high school player who is transitioning into college.”
Flavors also gave credit for his continued success to his hometown, to Escambia Academy and to Coach Hugh Fountain. Flavors added that the lessons he learned at EA have helped pave the road for his future. In addition, Flavors stressed that EA headmaster and head coach Fountain has always been more than just a teacher, coach, headmaster and mentor, but has and continues to be, a father figure and family.
“Coach Fountain, along with my family has always been there to push me,” Flavors said. “He always took time with me and continues to do so. His sons are my best friends and the Fountain family is my family. I am grateful for the continued love and support they give to me. He is a great Christian man and mentor to myself and many others. I am so thankful for Escambia Academy.”
The future continues to be bright for Flavors as he is set to graduate from Huntingdon in May, earning his degree in health promotions. Flavors also added that he is hoping to play at some type of college level next year and is continuing to pursue NFL hopes for the future.